Why The Arts Matter

The Arts Matter and Here’s Why
Overall, the arts enrich our lives and give our community its soul – and they accomplish more.
The arts attract businesses to Atlanta and keep them here.
One-half of Atlanta area wages are paid to “creative thinkers” of all types, including software engineers and sales and marketing experts. Visit www.creativeaspects.org to learn more about these workers and to view statistics.)
These “creative” workers are attracted to cities with vibrant arts communities that offer a wealth and range of arts activities, such as classical ballet and coffee house poetry readings. As a result, companies that desire creative-thinking employees are more likely to move to cities that can attract and hold their creative interests.

The arts make money for Atlanta.

According to the Georgia Council for the Arts, the arts in metro Atlanta generate $700 million in direct and indirect economic impact and provide more than 24,000 jobs. Arts patrons spend about $23 in addition to the price of admission. The arts also attract more tourists and keep them in Atlanta for longer periods of time — and those who travel specifically to participate in the arts spend 50 percent more per day than do other tourists.

(Source: Seven Compelling Reasons to Build Support for the Arts in Georgia, Georgia Council for the Arts Citizens Report 2003)
The arts make our children smarter.

The arts keep students more engaged in school and more motivated to learn, and the arts have been shown to improve academic achievement when they are part of the ongoing curriculum. The research to show the supportive link between arts and education is growing continuously.
The arts help us transcend racial, cultural, economic, and political barriers that can separate our community.

There are many different kinds of people who make their homes in metro Atlanta. The arts give us a safe, neutral ground for learning about different cultures and perspectives and help us better understand and relate to others.