What is SEO?

The SEO , English acronym of Search Engine Optimization , is the set of all activities aimed at improving the ranking of a website in the search results of search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex.  Yandex is the biggest search engine in Russia) .

The basis of SEO is the study of the functioning of search engines , to understand the reasoning – which takes place using a proprietary algorithm – with which the “ranking” of the best results is drawn up for a specific word or phrase searched within the search engine.


Atlanta SEO services are considered an area of web marketing – specifically of Search Engine Marketing SEM – and is constantly evolving, this is because every day search engines like Google release updates of their algorithms that regulate positioning within the search engine . These updates are 99% small changes that make just as small changes to the search results. Less often, however, updates are put online that can completely disrupt the SERP (search engine results page).

For this reason, SEO can be defined as an empirical science , therefore based on the continuous identification of working hypotheses , which can be endorsed or denied only through experimentation and continuous observation. It is for this reason that the ‘ optimization for search engines requires an intense analytical activity and SEO tools (in the jargon, SEO tool) adequate and professional.

What’s the Current and Future State of Search Engine Optimization Look Like?

The search results continue to evolve.  Google is getting more and more desperate and cutting into organic results more and more.  Many search results show about half a page of Ads, before you get to any organic results.  It is getting crazy.

But all is not lost and organic search continues to be a lucrative place to be.

Rich Snippets

Google wants to keep searches on Google for as long as possible.  Rich snippets that answer the searchers question, without them leaving Google, are a great way to do this.

You’ll see more and more rich snippets at the top of the search results.

Secure Websites HTTPS:

The old way to have a website was HTTP or hyper text transfer protocol.  Now you need an SSL certificate, which stand for secure sockets layer.  This make your website HTTPS.  Google wants every site to be HTTPS so bad that they are labeling website that don’t have the security certificate as “Not Secure” when a searcher is using the Chrome Web browser.

Can you afford to let Google tell your potential customers that your website is not secure?  Of course not.  You must upgrade to HTTPS.

If you’d like to learn more about HTTPS you ought to read this excellent article on Cloudflare’s site:


Websites Need To Optimize For Voice Search

Voice searches are becoming more and more popular.  Most searches take place on a mobile device.  All smartphones now have a little microphone button that you can tap and ask the web browser a question.  Think of stuff like, “Hey Siri”, or “OK Google”.

Many are convinced about the future of voice search.  But it is still a controversial idea.  This is because so far it has not happened yet.  Voice search has not taken over.  But Voice search has been all the rage for the last three years and it’s still raging strong.

You’re going to want to prepare your website to take advantage of the rise in the volume of voice searches.

Mobile User Experience Will Impact Search Results

As we already talked about, mobile searches have overtaken desktop searches.  And it only makes sense with the rise of smartphones.  This is a long term trend and nothing new.  The big way to solve this problem is to make responsive websites.  Websites that look good on desktop, but then shrink and minimize to fit on smaller mobile screens.

So you have to be mobile friendly.  It is not an option any more.  It is mandatory.  The main thing to remember in regards to search is that Google has moved to a mobile first index.  They give priority to website that are mobile friendly.

What this means in practice is that, since most websites are now mobile friendly, you don’t get a boost from being mobile compatible, but you get a negative mark in the search results, if your website is not mobile ready.

High Quality Content Still Matters

Having great content will always matter.  It will always be worth it to have great content for the visitor to your website.  This will help with your bounce rate, because if you have good content, visitors will remain on your site longer consuming that content.

This will help with voice search because if you have content that is good at answering questions you will do well.  Much of voice search is in the form of questions people ask their phones.  You want to provide good answers.


In SEO there is no magic formula, nor a perfect recipe. There are best practices and experience and patience are certainly important.


This is a concept that is fundamental to understand, whether you are a company looking for an SEO consultant, or that you are a young man who has recently discovered this world. Scaling the SERPs, i.e. the search results of Google or any other search engine, is not easy and, as already mentioned, an empirical approach is needed to obtain results. Be wary of anyone who guarantees certain placements between search results without margin of error.